How to Get a Check Cash Advance

You may have heard about payday loans or check cash advances but you may not know how to get one for yourself. A check cash advance is a type of payday loan that gives you money up front to get you by until your next pay check. This can be very helpful to someone in need or if an emergency occurs and you need cash fast. The best part about a check cash advance is that you don't have to have good credit. You only need to have a job and steady income of at least $1,000 per month (for some, it is only $800).

So do you want to know how to get a check cash advance? The first step is to determine how much money you need. Most check cash advances only go up to $1000 so if you need more than that, there may not be any available help for you. Typically, you can choose amounts between $100-1000. Make sure when deciding how much you need you remember that you will have to pay this back with your paycheck so don't over-extend yourself.

Next, you need to look into all of your options. It's important to get a cash advance comparison because not all check cash advance lenders are created equal. There is a lot of competition out there which means you may be able to take full advantage of lower interest rates and fewer fees for your loan when you take time to make comparisons.

Once you've done your research and you think you have the payday loan lender for you, then it is time to make sure you qualify with them. For most lenders, you only need to be a US citizen 18 years or older with a job and a bank account. Your credit doesn't matter. You may have to fill out a small application but there is usually very little paperwork involved and you can find out instantly if you are approved. There is no background check or credit check needed to get approved for a check cash advance.

When you sign up for your check cash advance, it is very important that you are familiar with the process of paying back the loan and that you know when and how you are to pay it back to avoid any complications and added fees later. To pay back the loan, you may give a post dated check or in some cases have the money taken out of your account with a direct debit. If you post-date your check, the lender will hold onto the check until your pre-determined pay day and then will cash it. It's quick, easy and convenient when you need a little extra cash now.