No Fax Cash Advances

No fax cash advances are the frosting on the cake for online payday loans. You can get a cash advance quickly after just filling out the easy application that begins with your zip code entry. Borrowing online is nice because you can do everything in the privacy of your own home or at work, on your computer. There is no standing in line or waiting, no interviews, no embarrassing questions, and you do not have to waste gasoline driving around to the store and the bank. Everything is done online, electronically, from the moment you enter your zip code to start the easy application, to approval, to the deposit, and the repayment. Once you have completed your online application and receive approval, you do not have to do another thing.

When online lenders first began to make cash advance and payday loans, they required that you fax them sensitive documents such as driver's license, pay stub, banking statements, and a voided check. This is pretty much history today, as modern lenders work from your simple online application. All the information they need will be on that short application. Items needed include the driver's license number, your banking account routing information and check number, your personal identification information including name, address, and phone. You may need to add personal references, and verify that you are not an active member of the military. Your age is important, because you must be an adult to make this deal, and in most cases, you also need to be a US citizen.

No fax cash advances really make getting your cash advance easy. Most people do not have facsimile machines at home, so they would have to use one at work or pay for one at a printer store. Many people also do not know how to send an internet fax. Being faxless is a wonderful advantage for an online payday loan and cash advance lender. It is nice for the borrower also!

The simple application begins with entry of your zip code in the box provided on this page. Then you are only moments away from completion and approval within minutes. Once approved, your cash advance can be deposited within an hour, same business day, or the next business day. When it is time for repayment, your ACH approval is all that is needed for automatic withdrawal of your loan repayment from your bank account. All fees will be included. Fees vary with lenders, so it is good to check a few websites for the best deal.

The amount you can borrow will vary, depending on your income, and your history with the lender. At first, there may be a lower limit, but that may be raised over time as you make good repayments of your loans. The amounts that can be borrowed usually run anywhere between $100 and $1000, depending on your income level. In most states, you are restricted to having only two payday loans at any one time. Some regulations also require a waiting period between getting a fast payday cash advance loan, such as 48 hours. This helps the consumer avoid getting trapped in an endless loan cycle.

Interest rates for cash advances and payday loans also vary. Many are around 456% APR, but some go as high as over 2000% for extra fast service. This is why you need to browse a few websites for the best deals. On a per loan basis, the fee is only about $15 to $25 per each hundred dollars borrowed. Loans are very short term, so APR is not really a factor; you will not have a cash advance loan for a year!

Cash advance loans are great for little emergencies, like unexpected visitors, a medical or vehicle emergency, or one of those budget "oops" moments when you are over your budget and have no more money until next payday. Getting one of these loans is so easy, much easier than going to parents, family, or friends to borrow money. There are no lectures involved!

You do not need to worry if you have no or little credit history, because this is a true loan, and not a credit extension. No credit reporting agencies are contacted, but there may be an internal system to verify that you do not have too many loans out, and that you are a good repayment risk.

If you have never borrowed online, remember that websites have security features to protect you. Look for the small gold lock icon in the bottom corner of the screen that tells you this website is a secure website. Read the FAQs, and testimonials also. No fax cash advances are a modern convenience, fast and easy. All you need to begin is to enter you zip code into the little box next to the "apply now" text.